Summer Hours

Monday- Closed



We are a family owned ice cream scoop shoppe serving Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream from Madison Wisconsin.

We offer over 50 flavors!

We also serve Burgers + french fries, Chicken Strips, Malts,

Specialty Hotdogs,

Heggies Pizza & varieties of candy

like the famous Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! 

We pride ourselves on being allergy conscious + serving great quality

products that make you crave more.

Daily Specials! 

Half off apps 2pm-4pm

Tuesday- $4.00 Sundaes

​Wednesday- $5.00 Banana Splits

Thursday- Burgers $5.00

Friday- Any Heggies Pizza $8.00 + 3 Scoop Ice Cream Flights $5.00

Saturday- Pints $5.00

Sunday- Any style hot dog $2.00